Company Policy

Alliance Seafoods will progressively expand its business globally, in search of more enticing foods

We will continue our efforts to provide a stable supply of highly traceable “safe” food products using the global network we have built in collaboration with our overseas partner companies, mainly in North and South America, Europe, and Russia, by handling the world’s seafood materials such as salmon/trout, crab, bottom fish, fish roe, and pelagic fish.

To provide products that respond to recent demands for authentic items, our staff visit our suppliers and overseas partner plants in each country, and conduct consistent technical guidance and product management, from resource procurement to product processing.

The products processed at our excellent and accredited (HACCP, EU, ISO, etc.) partner plants in China and Southeast Asia are sold primarily in the Japanese market, and in other overseas markets in Europe and China. As a member of the Yokohama Reito Group, we intend to continue supplying products adapting to the ever-changing needs of our customers, from the world to Japan, and from Japan to the world.

Safety Highly-traceable products that are safe Quality Carefully selected high-quality products Ecology Natural and environmentally-friendly products Service Products that meet our customers’ needs

We value communication with our customers

We always value communication with our customers and have endeavored to develop a system for grasping their needs and quickly responding to them, from offering and developing products to sales and supply support.
We aim to be a company that is well trusted by carefully selecting and providing the information that our customers need from our information network.

We promote compliance

Handling food means handling products that affect people’s lives.
We will go beyond compliance in the narrow sense and ensure that all of our employees act with awareness, complying with internal rules and upholding ethical values.

We will enhance our self-inspection functions

We have developed a system in which we can immediately conduct microorganism and physio-chemical inspections, and we are conducting periodic spot-checks of our processed products and implementing quality management.