A Message from Our President

Delivering “Great Taste” from the World’s Ocean. Fumio Iwabuchi, President

Our company was founded in June 2009 through a joint venture between Yokohama Reito Co., Ltd. and Fukui Chuo-Uoichi Co., Ltd., at which time we took over the business from Shin Nihon Global, Inc. After that, we became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yokohama Reito Co., Ltd., and in September 2012, we sought to strengthen our operating foundation with an additional capital injection of JPY 450 million.

Since we began our operations as a specialist seafood trading company, we have provided customers in Japan and overseas with a fast-moving supply of seafood products that are “safe” and have a “high-quality taste”, making use of an original network that enables us to investigate and purchase seafood from around the world.

Moreover, we have formed a comprehensive business alliance, including an equity stake, with the Hofseth Group in Norway. We are engaged in the sale of seafood in Japan and throughout the world, with Atlantic salmon as our main product. We also manufacture a wide range of processed seafood products in partnership with several excellent seafood processing plants in China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

At present, the seafood market is changing on a global scale; as the Japanese market contracts, seafood consumption is increasing globally. In response to these conditions, with our strong partnership with Yokohama Reito Co., Ltd., we will strive to secure and stabilize supplies of seafood resources that correspond to consumer values in Japan and overseas while providing various value-added seafood products.

We ask for your unwavering support as we continue contributing to the international society through the supply of seafood products.