Examples of Processed Products

Our staff visit the production sites and carefully select the raw materials. They directly carry out production instructions at our partner processing plants in Japan and overseas, and develop products in accordance to our customers’ needs. This page introduces some of our products.

  • Snow Crab Tray Pack

    The snow crabs directly purchased from our partner operating in the Barents Sea get packed at our processing plant in Vietnam. This is mainly sold to mass market retailers in Japan.

    Snow Crab Tray Pack

    Snow Crab Tray Pack

  • Soy Marinated Salmon Roe

    Our staff visit the production sites to check quality and purchase raw materials directly. The roe is processed at our partner plant in Japan and supplied to customers according to their needs.

    Soy Marinated Salmon Roe

    Soy Marinated Salmon Roe

  • Atlantic Salmon Fillet

    These Norwegian Atlantic salmon are processed at our partner processing plant in Thailand. The fillets are exported to other countries.

    Atlantic Salmon Fillet

    Atlantic Salmon Fillet

  • Seared Salmon Belly Slices

    These slices of seared salmon are used as sushi toppings. The specifications are adjusted to our customers’ needs.

    Seared Salmon Belly Slices

    Seared Salmon Belly Slices

Other Processed Products

We also process and ship various other products to meet our customers’ needs.

  • Norwegian Mackerel Fillet

    Norwegian Mackerel Fillet

  • Atka Mackerel Boneless Fillet

    Atka Mackerel Boneless Fillet

  • Smoked Salmon

    Smoked Salmon

  • Chum Salmon Fillet Portions

    Chum Salmon Fillet Portions

  • Salted Herring Roe Pack

    Salted Herring Roe Pack

  • Deep Sea Red Crab

    Deep Sea Red Crab